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Once upon a time the site was the local school, well before the Boddington District High School was built. The site originally opened as a single room school in 1921; where school groups would consist of merely twenty or so students. One teacher and one single room would facilitate these students. Up until its closing in 2000 the school received countless extensions and expansions.

Once mining operations expanded, and the student population rose three-fold, the town saw a modern school constructed elsewhere in town that has sufficient space for future development. Hence the centre commonly being referred to as “The Boddington Old School”.

Now known as The Boddington Community Resource Centre, the site is now known as a bustling Community Hub, recognised as an admired place to be part of and a great place to catch up with others.

The Boddington Community Resource Centre boasts a range of facilities and services including offices, training rooms, meeting rooms, workshops, monthly morning tea’s for the community and is even an accredited Centrelink access point; the list goes on.

Centre Manager: Angela Atkins


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